I am an artist and illustrator working in my home studio on the edge of the Morgan-Monroe Forest. I use my artwork to inspire and educate the viewer on native flora, fauna, and fungi. I absolutely love color! So, I find myself often painting the vibrant plumage of birds. I use watercolor pigments to capture the beauty of the natural world I see around me.


When I moved from Hamilton, ON, Canada to Bloomington, Indiana a decade ago, I fully embraced learning about this ecosystem. Living in the forest with my family has been inspirational. I grow native perennials and natural dye plants.This allows me to get a close look at many of the stunning blooms and all the wildlife they draw into the garden. Some of my favorite visitors include hummingbirds, goldfinches, and all seven varieties of local woodpeckers. I have found my passion in elevating the beauty and importance of our native ecology in the viewers mind.